Epilepsy – Symptoms, Cause, seizures, Foundations, and Treatments

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Epilepsy - Symptoms, Cause, seizures, Foundations, and Treatments

Around 50 million people around the world are going through Epilepsy. it is one of the most serious conditions throughout the world. Epilepsy is a type of neurological condition. we are going to tell you Epilepsy cause, symptoms, three amazing home remedy/ treatment for it and also provide you with the contact of various epilepsy foundations throughout the world

How can we define Epilepsy?

This is a disease in which a person experiences frequent seizures because sudden electrical activity in the brain causes temporary disturbances in the messaging system between brain cells. It is a neurological disorder. It can be a genetic condition or cause due to stress or various reasons.


In most of the cases cause cant located, some causes are mentioned below

  • Low oxygen supply during birth
  • uncommon substance levels in the body like sodium and sugar
  • Head injuries caused due to accident while birth
  • various genetic conditions like tuberculosis
  • different infections in the brain
  • brain tumors
  • various damages in the brain due to stroke

Common Symptoms of Epilepsy

  •  fainting.
  • gush and falling.
  • sudden occurrence of darkness in front of the eyes.
  •  jerking of hands and feet.
  • froth starts coming out of the mouth. 
  • The body swaggers. Sometimes.
  • In the case of a strange mental imbalance, the patient bites his lip or tongue.

Facts about epileptic patients

  • (1) It is not necessary that there is a permanent malformation in the brain of an epileptic patient. The state of seizures also occurs due to momentary interruptions in brain waves.
  • (2) It is not necessary that epileptic patients are mentally weak.
  • (3) It is not necessary that epileptic patients are always aggressive in nature.
  • (4) It is not necessary that the chances of permanent deformity increase in the brain due to seizures. Although some people have poor memory, it is an antidote to seizures and not brain damage.
  • (5) It is not necessary that epilepsy disease is always acquired in genetic form. However, some types of epilepsy, which later get cured with the use of drugs, are also due to genetic reasons.
  •  Many patients suffering from this disease are seen as recovering and leading a normal life.

Epileptic seizures and its types

  1. Petit mal Epilepsy – Sometimes giving a little, just staring at nothing – is a form of this type of visit. This is especially found in young children. The seizures falling in this category are also called Adsense Caesars.
  2. Grandma epilepsy– Sometimes, the entire body shows symptoms like jerking, fainting, mouth froth, or excretion of feces and urine during this period. This category of epileptic seizures is also called ‘Tony-clonic seizures’.
  3. Focal epilepsy – a short burst in any part of the body and later spread to another muscle.
  4. Temporal low epilepsy- Sometimes when the center or lesion of the brain is on the temporal low or part of the brain adjacent to the ear, in such condition the person starts behaving unexpectedly during the attack. As if to take off clothes in front of everyone or start doing other counter-productive activities. In this situation, some people have reverse views. Patients of this category of epilepsy also experience strange smells like burnt chan or rubber smell.

Home Treatments

Epilepsy Home  Treatment 1

A Saint told me this medicine. I used it on many patients, all patients have become good, everyone benefits from it.

Method– Kapila(a type of cow) cow’s milk should be consumed as much as 40 days in the morning, so as to drink stale mouth and evening. The milk should be freshly milked. It should not be heated nor add sugar. Only sieve and drink. Cow’s under must be black. The body may be black or not. The cow maybe the second or third of the first female. By the grace of God. The experiment brings complete comfort.

The second benefit of this is that Kapila cow raw milk should be rubbed with hot water after eczema, ringworm, Kharish, etc. and then after 70 days, the patient becomes disease-free.

Epilepsy Home  Treatment 2

The following recipe is called ‘Saraswat-churna‘ in Ayurveda. It is also students in intelligence.

Balbuch, Ashwagandha, Shatavar, Brahmi, Shankhpushpi, Gurchaka Satta, Veraki Guthaliki Meengi, Petheka Chilka, White Chandanaka Burada and Ode Saliab – these ten things should be taken in three toes or even small pieces and sieve them with a cloth. The powder will be ready. Mix one spoon of powder with one spoon of Brahmi Ghrita and consume it four times a day. Brahmi Ghrita can be found in Ayurvedic medicine shops, if not found Gayaka Ghrita can be taken. If consumed for two to three months, Epilepsy disease completely disappears.

The patient’s stomach should be clean, so be fed with Triphala powder once in 5-6 days. It is a very tried drug. It is useful in enhancing memory, other types of nervous diseases, and also in eradicating madness.

Epilepsy Home  Treatment 3

Bring one sweet flag and grind it well, then sprinkle it and lick it with pure honey every morning and evening with four pomegranates. It should be licked for about 15 days. As far as it is expected, this disease will get better in so many days. If not good then drink it for one month. Epilepsy will definitely be good in these days. Only milk and rice should be fed in food. at most fruits can be fed.

It is best if there is milk of cow.  The dose of two spoons should be given for adults in the morning and in the evening. According to the age of young children, one or two tablespoons should be given, mixed with honey.

now you know Epilepsy symptoms , causes, treatments , some facts and also types of seizures. hope this blog will help you and will change your life

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