The secret of health according to Ayurveda to stay fit and healthy

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secret of health to stay fit

It is better to avoid diseases than to treat diseases. Now we will learn information about some important health-related rules and follow them lawfully, then we will understand the secret of health according to Ayurveda and usually avoid many diseases

Can be healthy throughout life. It is necessary to first know who is healthy. To be healthy, a person means that all the organs of his body can complete and carry out their functions, the body should not be grosser nor weaker and have full authority over the mind and brain. To be healthy, both body and mind need to be healthy. If your body is healthy and strong, but the mind is weak, healthy, and patient, then such physical fitness is not useful for any work.

The inspiration of the body gets inspiration to work. The work done by an unhealthy temple is never completed smoothly. Similarly, if the mind is healthy and the body weak, then the work induced by the mind will make the body weak. Therefore, it is very important to have a healthy mind and body to complete health.

Taking care of health according to Ayurveda

The human body is such a complex and automated machine made by God, in which different organs perform different tasks at the same time. What will happen if we do not pay attention to the maintenance of this machine? Its efficiency will decrease with every passing moment, our health will be snatched away from us and the body will remain as sick. Therefore, we must try to keep it in working conditions. Some rules leading to be fit and healthy

1. Exercise accordingly.

2. Get enough sleep and relax.

3. Wear comfortable clothes.

4. Take the proper posture of getting up and sitting.

5. Keep the body clean.

6. Take nutritious food in appropriate quantities.

7. Be aware of the practice of bad nature.

8. stay relaxed.

9. Massage the body regularly.

10. Must do fasting once a week.

Benefits of Regular Exercise according to Ayurveda

Ayurveda exercise

Physical exercise is as important for us as food and water. Exercise is essential if we want to be healthy, strong, agile, and agile. But in today’s modern life, we have become so relaxed and lazy that even walking a little distance is considered contrary to our dignity and especially resort to vehicles. Due to this rest, we invite heart diseases along with common diseases. If we do regular exercise, not only can we prevent diseases from coming to us, but many common diseases like indigestion, constipation, insomnia, etc. can be shunned without taking medicines.

Exercise has the greatest effect on our breathing. A healthy person inhales and exhales 15 to 14 times in a minute. When inhaled, pure air enters the body in the form of oxygen and travels throughout the body and exits as carbon dioxide. While exercising, our breathing becomes faster, it also makes blood circulation faster and internal cleansing of the body is done properly. Exercise opens the follicles of the body’s skin and causes excessive sweating, which removes the uncleanliness of the body. Apart from this, there are other benefits from exercise

1. Exercise protects against many diseases.

2. Heart-vascular tubules receive strength.

3. Chances of having a heart attack are reduced.

4. The body gets to rest, due to which insomnia, restlessness, and stress-like diseases also disappear.

5. Mental concentration and alertness increases. – Body agility and strength increase.

6. labor-pain is reduced.

7. Asthma, diabetes, arthritis, backache, etc. diseases disappear.

8. Obesity is overcome.

9. Protects you from stomach diseases.

You should do this before exercising according to Ayurveda-

Before starting the exercise, it is necessary to know how your body is formed, and what is your field of work? Those who do more physical exertion do not require more rigorous exercise, but those who do more mental work, on the contrary, may require rigorous exercise. Similarly, lean skinny people should do such exercise, so that all the organs of their body become active. Such people should keep in mind that the main reason for their weakness is not leanness, but muscle weakness. Therefore, they should do such exercise which makes the muscles strong and strong. Conversely, for those whose body is strong and strong muscles, a lot of rigorous exercises are good for them.

Those who have become obese due to any reason, they should do the exercise by not doing rigorous exercise, which will have unnecessary body fat and which will make the muscles strong and strong by reducing it. It would be appropriate for such people to choose an exercise for themselves only after seeking advice from a specialist. Keep in mind the following while exercising

1. Wear loose clothes only. One should not exercise wearing tight clothes.

2. After doing any exercise, you should take long and deep breaths ten to twelve times.

3. If anyone has any contagious or serious disease, he should consult a doctor before exercising, otherwise, exercise can prove to be harmful.

4. Exercise should be done in a place where there is clean air movement, the environment is clean. There is no benefit from exercising in a dirty and clean environment. The most suitable and best time to exercise is in the morning, but following all the above rules, light exercise can be done even before sleeping at night.

Effective exercise method Ayurveda 

There is no single opinion about how to exercise. Some experts think that the speed of exercise should be fast and some experts say that the speed should be slow. But the best exercise is the one where there are agility and speed, but it is also not that the exerciser experiences fatigue. The speed of the exercise should be such that muscle contraction and stretching occur. For this, it is appropriate that after causing tension in the muscles for a few moments, they should be let loose so that blood circulation can be done at a rapid pace. Exercising naturally causes perspiration and fatigue in the body. Therefore, for relaxation, it is necessary to take some rest. Relaxation should be done until the sweat dries, then bathe in cold water. It also removes tiredness and purification of the body.

The best exercise is travel – for this morning time is best, at this time the atmosphere is very enjoyable and the air is also clean and healthy. Morning walk is best if you go barefoot on the green grass. This keeps the body healthy, increases hunger, and does not even feel tired. Before walking barefoot, it should be noted that there are no thorns and dirt, etc. at that place.

 The relation of Food and health in Ayurveda to stay fit

Different types of foods contain different types of nutrients, which are necessary to keep the various organs of the body functioning. For example, there is a lot of vitamin ‘A’ in milk, which is necessary for protecting the body from diseases and for good eyesight. Its deficiency can make the body patient and eyesight weak. Therefore, the secret of health is that our food should have a balanced amount of these nutrients – such as protein, carbohydrates, vitamins, and minerals.

Some essential dietary rules

1. Always take food according to your work. If you have to do hard physical work, then eat a more nutritious diet. If you work lightly, then take light digestible food.

2. Food should be taken at a fixed time of 2 days.

3. Do not swallow food as soon as it is put in the mouth, but chew it and eat it, it digests the food quickly.

4. Do not quick to eat nor be busy with things. Do not eat foods with more than 5 spices and spicy and fried foods. Digestive system diseases arise from it.

5. After taking the diet, take some rest for sure.

6. Do not drink water during or immediately after meals. It is appropriate that water should be drunk after some time of taking food, but if necessary, after taking food, drink water in very small quantities and after that stop drinking water after some time.

7. Keep in mind, do not eat any foods too hot or too cold, nor drink cold water with hot food or after. 

8. Keep your mind-free mind while taking food.

9. Never take the habit of consuming digestive powder or any other similar substance after meals. This weakens digestion power.

10. If possible, while sleeping, consume hot milk.

11. If fruits are eaten after meals, it is not only powerful, but it also digests food quickly.

12. Eat as much as you are hungry. The temptation to eat more tasty dishes eventually Is harmful

13. Do not consume curd or dairy products at night

How Cleanliness and Health are related  in Ayurveda

Whether we keep thinking about our health day and night and following the dietary rules or consuming any number of nutritious ingredients to maintain our health, but without cleanliness and hygiene it is all in vain; Because hygiene can only protect health. By cleanliness, we mean not only physical hygiene but also the environment around our house and surroundings. so the secret of health In this subject, you should take care of the following things according to Ayurveda: –

1. Take a bath with fresh water every day, then rub the skin thoroughly with a towel and dry it. Do clean mouth and teeth at least twice a day.

2. Always wear clean clothes.

3. Drinking water and other food items should also be clean because diseases arise from unhygienic conditions.

4. Your house and office should be clean, airy, and light.

5. Always wear clean underwear like normal clothes and change the rules.

6. Like clothes, the bed should also be clean. Change the bed sheet daily and dry other clothes in the sun.

7. Take full care of your wear, towel, comb, etc. Do not allow these things to be used by anyone nor use such things by any other person. This causes the bacteria of the disease to spread.

8. Never eat such foods that are dirty or rancid or on which flies have been sitting.

9. Do not use any lump or any other utensils, nor should any other person use their ladders or utensils. Follow this rule among the members of your family as well and from the beginning, make the habit of eating differently for children. Before bedtime, clean your teeth and mouth thoroughly before going to bed and do the same thing in the morning.

10. Cough, sneezing, etc. In infectious diseases, keep a handkerchief in front of your nose and mouth while coughing or sneezing, so that the bacteria of the disease does not spread.

11. If there is any patient in the house or you have to stay with the patient, it is mandatory to stay safe and follow the rules of cleanliness, whatever the disease is.

12. Many people have a habit of hurting from place to place, this is not right. If you also have this habit, then abandon it.

13. While doing physical cleaning, do not forget to clean the bugs and the secretaries. 14 – Due to the increase in nails of hands and feet, dirt gets filled in them, so do not let the nails grow, keep piercing them from time to time.

14. Continuing biting nails, sucking finger or thumb, putting a finger in nose and ears, etc. is harmful to health, so give them up.

15. Do not breathe through the mouth, breathe through your nose as much as possible.

16. Do not cover your face while sleeping at night.

Importance of Relaxation to stay fit and healthy

Resting is as important for health as working. Relaxation gives our body strength and energy. There are many organs in our body and all these organs do their work independently or collectively. In the editing of these works, they spend energy, that is, if this energy is not fulfilled, then how long will they be able to work! Strength is available to these organs, various remedies, etc. in which relaxation is also an important contribution.

Relaxed people get rest by resting and they can work again today. Apart from this, in today’s materialistic era, human mental confusion has increased so much that if time does not get rest, then mental pressure and excitement can cause diseases like epilepsy, hysteria, etc. Therefore, relaxation is essential for mental and physical health.

Ideal Time to rest according Ayurveda to stay fit and healthy

There are two main stages of relaxation – the first rest for some time and second sleep. There is no fixed rule for resting in the first phase. Whenever you feel tired as a result of physical or mental exertion, then leave the body loose and free the mind from thoughts and lie down for some time. By doing this, tired muscles become reactivated.

Similarly, there is something after lunch. Rest is necessary, but it should be done only in summer. Resting in winter is detrimental. It is necessary to take care of the following things about the second stage, that is, sleep – people who do more physical work throughout the day, they should get at least eight and at least ten hours of sleep. Those who do less manual labor should sleep for a maximum of eight hours. Similarly, persons doing mental work should not sleep for more than eight hours. Here it can be said with certainty and finally that every person, whether he performs manual labor or mental, must sleep at least six hours. Little children sleep for much longer. There is no rule about them in Ayurveda.

In today’s run-of-the-mill life, most people have succumbed to insomnia. The state of insomnia is particularly harmful to take sleeping pills to get sleep.

Some other rules for complete relaxation in Ayurveda

It is necessary to be lonely for rest, and – alcoholic does not get good sleep while resting should not suffer any kind of mental or physical stress. If you are experiencing the house mentally, then it is very important to clear every thought in your mind and keep the temple covered with eyes. If you keep thinking about any problem or problem in these symptoms of relaxation, then your fatigue will increase, on the contrary, if the brain remains empty, then after five-seven minutes you will start feeling fresh and it is necessary to get deep and complete sleep. There should not be any kind of worry or mental problem.

Ayurveda suggests At bedtime the dress should be loose-fitting; Because tight veneer puts pressure on various body parts, due to which the natural order of functioning of these organs is obstructed and the body is not able to get rest. Waking up late at night and sleeping late in the morning is harmful to health. Let sleep at night and decide the time of getting up in the morning and do not change it under normal circumstances.

What Ayurveda suggest after sleeping-

In the morning, before leaving sleep, everyone should lay on the bed for some time by spreading their body completely. After this, both hands should be gently rotated in the manner of massaging all over the body. This helps in increasing blood circulation. Before waking up, the person should lie on the bed for a while, because at night, the person sleeps on the right or left side. By lying on the stomach, the stomach clears openly, the body also gets relaxed. The spine also remains straight.

After lying down on the stomach, the person should lie down on the bed again and bring his knees to the chest by shrinking both his legs and holding the knee with both hands and pressing down slowly, it also keeps the stomach clean. Before leaving bed we must do light exercise by moving our arms and legs in the air. Move the legs as if riding a bicycle. These measures will infuse more vigor and consciousness in the body and will help in staying healthy.

Relation of Clothing and Health –

Dress means wearing clothes, not just giving the introduction of being decent but protecting physical and mental health. So while choosing clothes, it must be kept in mind that the clothes should be such that the body can be protected by wearing them. It is necessary to take care of the climate in this context. Do not wear synthetic fabrics like nylon as much as possible. Such clothes are harmful from a health point of view because they cannot absorb sweat, due to which there is a fear of infection in the skin.

Relation of stress and Worry on your Health

You must have heard that ‘anxiety worries like’ anxiety first leads to tension, physical bodily malaise. Therefore, the secret of good health to stay fit is that we must stay away from all kinds of anxiety, anger, malice, and stress, etc. We can lead a healthy life only by giving up worry and it is not too difficult to give up worry. Worry can be overcome by following the following things: –

Always be happy. Do not be afraid of problems, but face them courageously. Those who are afraid of problems, they not only give up in the face of circumstances but also destroy their health.

Fearing the fruits, follow each of your responsibilities diligently and truthfully, nature itself will give its fruits.

Never be disappointed with circumstances. Those who get frustrated, they start assuming the weight of life, life is not a burden but a boon.

Be loyal to your duties. Performing duty provides real happiness and fulfillment.

Most of the diseases are caused due to mental dissatisfaction, anxiety, and ecstasy. They should always be avoided.

Never take over care of anything because it is the cause of each disease origin and there is no cure for it.

How your Body postures and health are related

Our physical postures are directly related to our health. When we stand or sit or rest, the various muscles and muscles of our body, especially the spinal cord, remain under constant pressure. If these physical actions are done with flawed bodily postures, then pain can occur in other parts and joints of the body along with back pain and neck pain. Identify your flawed body postures and try to improve them. If you use the following measures, then you can lead a healthy life by staying safe from many physical ailments.

Correct Standing posture to stay fit

          The correct physical posture is that in which the spinal cord is minimally pressurized and it is naturally in the shape of ‘S’. If you have to stand for too long as per the nature of your work, then keep one of your feet on the stool, which is less than the surface of the floor.

Correct seating position to stay fit

For those who have to sit and work for many hours continuously, they must use a chair of comfortable and convenient design. Nowadays many such chairs are available, in which there is a slight curve for the lower part of the waist. The height of the chair should be in line with the table so that there is no unnecessary pressure on your shoulders and neck while working.

Correct resting posture to stay fit

The correct resting posture depends on your individual needs. If a person is more inclined to lie on the side of the side, then someone has to lie on the back. But still, the best posture to rest in the opinion of experts is to lie on your back. This causes minimal pressure on the spinal cord.

Miscarriage and health – smoking or drinking alcohol have become a fashion today, in which the women living in the metros are not far behind. During snail festivals or clubs, most of the men and women are seen smoking cigarettes or drinking alcohol, as if it is the main attraction of their personality. But they do not know how terrible diseases can arise from these two mishaps. Smoking and drinking alcohol according to a survey conducted by a Medical Research Council of America. Tuberculosis, heart disease, cancer, etc. can be many fatal diseases. Therefore, if you want to be healthy, then you have to abandon both these distractions immediately.

These harmful habits not only destroy health, but human society also loses prestige. Therefore, by firm determination, boycott them immediately. Initially, you will find some difficulties, but if you stick to your determination, success will remain with you.

How Massage helps you to stay healthy and fit

Massage is a not only simple and useful exercise but also a tonic for our body. It intensifies blood circulation and eliminates fatigue of various body parts, there are energy and strength in the body. Massage the whole body slowly with mustard, olive, or almond oil. Do not massage too harshly or too frequently. Massage should not be given in the condition of diseased persons – especially those suffering from respiratory diseases, stomach disorders, etc.

Bath or food should not be taken before or immediately after massaging. After massaging, take a bath after resting for at least half an hour.

Along with health, massage is also beneficial for beauty. Massage enhances facial skin color and enhances beauty. this is little but the affective secret of health Similarly, massaging the scalp benefits the brain and makes hair thick, shiny, and strong.

How Fasting can help you to stay fit and healthy

fasting is a simple natural activity, which is very important for health. Fasting gives the body rest and cleanses the body. A two-day fast from time to time provides benefits for common diseases as well as many incurable diseases – such as diabetes, hemorrhoids, etc. Also, in digestive system diseases, such as constipation, indigestion, fasting shows miraculous effects. Before fasting, the illusion should be removed that you will feel weakness. Fasting makes the mind happy and energized.

During the fast, bad smell comes from the mouth and the tongue turns white. This is a symptom that the cleansing work has started in your body. Fasting is considered inappropriate in severe diseases like tuberculosis (TB) or heart disease. Similarly, women should not fast during pregnancy.

There may be some diseases in which not only fasting is not enough, but other measures also need to be taken, so the advice of a doctor should be taken – especially at a time when fasting is required to prevent any disease. Senior food should not be consumed twenty-four hours before starting fast. It is only right to make a fruit. Great care should be taken while fasting. Various stomachs are not active during the fasting period, so do not consume solid foods immediately after ending the fast. It is better to take fruit juice.

we now know a lot about the simple secret to stay healthy and stay fit according to Ayurveda and can implement them in our lives hope you like this detailed article which is easy and simple to adapt

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