What is Homeopathy? origins, principles, and facts.

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Today medical practices like allopathy, Ayurveda, etc. are popular and known. similarly, homeopathy is also a popular medical practice that is a practice all around the world. Homeopathy medicine is similar looking to Sago and. Homeopathy pills are small and sweet

Origins of homeopathy :

Dr. Hahnemann (1855 – 173 AD), also known as the father of homeopathy, who was a resident of Germany. Dr. Hahnemann had a degree of M.D. Physician in Allopathy. 

During the ten-year allopathy treatment, he understood that in allopathy, the disease is crushed with active drugs, which may emerge as big diseases latter. If one disease is cured, the other pops up, then another and finally it becomes such a complicated disease that it falls into the category of an incurable disease.

Due to which Dr. Hahnemann left allopathy medicine practice forever and from 1690 Dr. Hahnemann spent his whole life in search of a reliable and significant medical practice. In the end, he invented a new medical practice called homeopathy, which was not harmful like allopathy.

Important Principles of homeopathy

(1) The human body is made of very complex elements.

If the inner body is healthy, strong, inner body’s resistance power is strong then disease cannot attack the inner body and the gross body remains healthy. But if our breathing power (subtle body – inner power) is unhealthy, weak, then the disease first attacks the inner power and makes it weak, then symptoms of various diseases on various organs start showing up on the gross body. some examples are headache, stomach pain, cold, cold, cough, diarrhea, fever, and many more.

If this subtle body is freed from the disease by treatment, then the gross body also becomes disease-free.

Homeopathic medicine is in microform. Therefore, the microelement has a permanent effect on the subtle elements and the patient becomes disease-free.

(2) In a healthy body, the drug which causes the symptoms of the disease, if the same symptoms are found in the patient, then that same drug will cure these symptoms in the form of homeopathic strength (in a microscopic form), then whatever that disease may be.T his principle is explained by an example :

Just like arsenic causes many symptoms like restlessness, thirst, itching in a healthy body, According to the principle of homeopathy, if similar symptoms are found in disease. whatever above symptoms are of cholera, cold, fever, stomach ache, headache, or cancer. whatever the name of the disease, the patient’s symptoms will be cured with a homeopathic medicine called arsenic, and the patient will be disease-free.

(3) In homeopathy, the patient is treated, not disease. The patient’s symptoms are given priority and not the name of the disease.

(4) The basis of treatment from homeopathy, particularly for chronic and incurable diseases, while looking at the case history of the patient, the order of priority of their symptoms is as follows

(A) Mental symptoms.

(B) All-round symptom, which is a comprehensive symptom, which makes the whole body pain.

(C) Non-specific symptoms.

(D) any paranormal or symptomatic.

(E) Nature of the patient.

In new patients, children, and accidental or abnormal conditions, appropriate medical treatment is given to get instant benefit to the patient according to the existing condition of the patient.

homeopathic tablets dosage strength –

In all the pathologies, medicines are the same, the difference is only in their production and use. The method of making homeopathic medicine is very unusual. In this method, the high dosage of the medicine is converted to the smallest form that in the third dose of the medicine the microscopic fraction of the drug also gets cleared.

After 4 homeopathy doses, even the molecules of the drug cannot be seen, the inner invisible power of the drug awakes and, the inner biologic potential of the medicine heals the patient.

Homeopathic dosage strength is of seven power range 30, 200, 1000, 10,000, 50,000, and 1 lakh power. These high powered pills get cleared while digestion, whereas these invisible power homeopathic pills, can permanently destroy the complex and incurable diseases and also have the ability to enhance the pathogenic growth.

How was homeopathy developed?

It was Dr. Hahnemann who developed Which drug causes what symptoms in a healthy person?

Dr. Hahnemann tested most of the homeopathic medicine on themselves and his firm colleagues. The physical and mental symptoms that occurred while this was completely recorded. all outcomes were compiled of these homeopathic medicines and a book was created. that book is Homoeopathic Materia-Medica. Since the basis of testing of homeopathic medicines has been a healthy human body. So as long as there is human life on the earth. Those medicines of homeopathy will be there for centuries.

Allopathic medicine keeps on changing repeatedly because the basis of its test is a monkey, Guinipiges, animals, and patients.

Preparation of Homeopathic medicine

In principle, the job of homeopathy is to choose such medicine that the symptoms of which are similar to the symptoms of the patient. When greater symmetry in the patient’s symptoms and drug symptoms occurs that drug will cure the disease.

Doing personalize medication and preparation of personalized medicine for the patient is the principle of homeopathy. Based on this principle, homeopathy chooses the appropriate medicine and potency (power) only after taking into account the complete symptoms reported by the patient. This selection process is based on the study and experience of homeopathy.

Facts About Homeopathy that you should know

(1) Homeopathic medicine has no expiry date. (protecting medicine from sunlight, dust, smoke. Strong odor and chemicals, will make this medicine last for many years.)

(2) There are no side effects of homeopathic medicine. 

(3) There is no special moderation in this medicine. The only thing to do is to avoid sharp odor.

(4) Do not put anything in the mouth 15-20 minutes before taking the medicine and 15-20 minutes after taking the medicine. Take care of the period before and after 30-30 minutes in a meal.

(5) There is no restriction on tea-coffee-tobacco-onion-garlic. But take care not to use them until half an hour before taking the medicine and half an hour after taking the medicine. Otherwise, the strong odor can reduce the strength of the medicine.

(6) If for any reason, if any other methodological medicine is required, then homeopathic medicine should be discontinued for that time. After that, you can start again on the second day.

(7) In the homeopathy treatment system, treatment is done based on the symptoms of the patient. It is only by symptoms that one becomes aware of having a particular disease. For this reason, usually due to heavy expensive tests of the patient are not done. Homeopathic medicine is simple. It is inexpensive and can provide permanent benefits in chronic diseases.

Common Myths about Homeopathy

There are Confusion and Myths in some people due to a lack of necessary information about homeopathic medication. Because of which they hesitate to get homeopathy treatment. It is often said by them that

(A) Homeopathy is a late medication.

(B) In homeopathy, the first disease is provoked.

(C) There is no immediate benefit from homeopathic medicine and the medicine has to be taken for a long time.

(D) Homeopathy medicine has to be taken several times a day repeatedly.

(E) People also believe that, what effect will 4-5 sago-like tablet in such a large body have?

Due to many such misconceptions. common myths and, due to lack of correct knowledge of homeopathy, the patients come to homeopathic medicine for permanent benefit after wandering here and there for an immediate and temporary benefit, and when they benefit from this lifesaving medicine, then they realize the true potential of this wonderful treatment homeopathy

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